What Is VeTraCell?

VeTraCell™ is a product derived from ReCellTis, designed to give the best possible wound care treatment to your animals, from dogs and cats to horses and cattle!

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How It Works

VeTraCell starts by relieving pain and irritation on the animal's skin, to prevent further tissue damage, which would worsen the wound. Reducing pain and itching also serves to comfort the animal, which could be in distress after being wounded.

VeTraCell's formula also starts killing infections from the moment you put it on, and continues to provide bacterial and fungal protection while the wound heals. VeTraCell's real advantage comes from how it provides energy to the skin cells working to heal the wound, boosting the body's natural healing processes and reducing healing time significantly!

How Can I Help?

VeTRaCell is currently fundraising through GoFundMe, so we can produce the best possible product and reach out to veterinarians and pet owners to make sure all pets have the best medical care available!

Visit our GoFundMe here: VeTraCell GoFundMe

How Do I Get VeTraCell?

To order VeTraCell™, click below:

VeTraCell Large - 45 grams

VeTraCell - 28 grams

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