dog with bandage on leg

About Us

VeTraCell is a unique wound care formulation for use on animals, from cats and dogs to horses and cattle. VeTraCell was created by the CellNovation Technology Corporation of El Paso, Texas. CellNovation's other products include ReCellTis, a wound care and first aid topical medication for humans; and Tattoo Doctor, a tattoo aftercare solution proven to heal tattoos faster while preserving the most color.

VeTraCell has been in use by the Country Club Animal Clinic in El Paso, Texas to great effect for over 2 years, and has lots of individual users buying it for those little cuts and scrapes that comes with pets, or just in case something more severe might occur. For whatever reason, VeTraCell is the perfect cream to use on your animals.

Chiquita has to be our biggest success story. A 14 year old female poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix, Chiquita was set upon by 2 dogs that had gotten loose, and suffered incredibly severe wounds. We can't share them with you here, but most of the skin from her back was avulsed, almost completely torn off. However, with VeTraCell, Chiquita was bandaged and made a full recovery within two weeks. Please donate if you can and share so we can help more pets like Chiquita.

The below images may be disturbing to some viewers. Click to view.
dog wound severe avulsion dog wound partially healed
dog back healed happy dog face